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What is the new trend winter and spring season adjustment?

Date: 2014-11-10

1, the our country civil aviation system there are two times a year season adjustment, the second year at the end of October to the end of march to perform winter and spring flight schedule, after the change garments according to the Air China, China Eastern airlines, China southern airlines, hainan airlines, shenzhen airlines and other 16 airlines will increase capacity, a new article 37 domestic routes.Change garments according to the adjusted, the domestic flights from last winter and spring season increased by 7.1%.This season, the domestic airline plans new article 23 international routes.After flight change garments according to the domestic airlines arrange the domestic flights per week, class 51771, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 4025 flights of international flights to 6178 classes, up 5% from a year earlier.
Season 2, as the route adjustment and transformation, south for the winter snow, the north route will become a "following" travel mainly choose this quarter, flight season comes at a time of change garments according to the aviation market, until mid-december, every tourist routes will be at a low price, suitable for consumer peak travel, that is, the change garments according to the adjustment of multiple routes are suitable for winter travel routes "migratory birds", in addition to the new route, encryption flights of change garments according to the main involved in places such as yunnan, guizhou, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang airport with 3 main routes between the airport, such as the current low season prices are low.
3, manage change garments according to the flight, the airlines also making off-season slosh in order to increase load factors.Air China, for example, the ongoing promotions covers the most popular winter travel sites, including sanya.