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Airport group and shenzhen airlines reached consensus on the development of heilongjiang province

Date: 2014-10-25

Civil aviation resource net on October 25, 2014 news: on October 22, heilongjiang Wang Yanzhong airport group deputy general manager in Harbin airport met with visiting shenzhen aviation safety director Hu Yulu line.Winter protection and jointly explore the two sides have flight aviation market in heilongjiang province, has carried on the extensive communication and discussion.
Wang Yanzhong of shenzhen airlines Hu Yulu welcome line, this paper briefly introduces the development in heilongjiang province airport group.He said in heilongjiang province airport group and shenzhen airlines has a very good basis of cooperation, in heilongjiang province airport group will fully support the development of shenzhen airlines, and do a good job in service guarantee for shenzhen airlines to provide a safe, convenient and enjoyable airport services.He wants, and shenzhen airlines in the future we will continue to increase in Harbin airport capacity investment, waited for international air routes, focus on development of feeder airports in the province, and air routes.
Hu Yulu thanks to heilongjiang province airport group, shenzhen airlines has always been to provide high-quality service and good security.He believes that the steady and rapid economic development of heilongjiang province, aviation market demand, the development prospect.Through this work safety research, have confidence in heilongjiang province airport group support capability, hope to work closely with heilongjiang province airport group common development.Shenzhen airlines base in heilongjiang province shenzhen aviation airline network planning in heilongjiang province are briefly introduced.
Shenzhen aviation maintenance engineering and safety quality supervision departments of research.Heilongjiang province airport group related department head to participate in the talks.