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Shenzhen luohu port intercepted a state-level protected species olecranon turtle

Date: 2014-09-26

Legal network in shenzhen on September 26 (reporter YouChun bright correspondent Li Shengnan Shen coagulation shenzhen lo wu in luohu port inspection and quarantine bureau recently intercepted a passenger carry seven living pet turtle.After the verification, this batch of pet turtle for olecranon turtle, level of protection species in China.Ready to carry the passenger said kept as pets.
Intercepted pet turtles are hiding in the biscuit boxes, stationery bags, carapace is tan, similar to the length of the tail length and carapace, short tail overlying ringy scales, beak hook on curved olecranon shaped, eye big, no outer periosteum.Olecranon turtle are mainly distributed in southern China, is one of the most special in our freshwater turtles, abroad distributed in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, myanmar, its edible, medicinal, ornamental value are high.