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Shenzhen future will have 20 railway line have five quick subway

Date: 2012-11-20

Reporter 19 from shenzhen planning land committee was informed that,"Shenzhen city rail transit planning (revision)"Plan has been compiled by, and from November 18 for the public, fair show period for 30 days, during which accept public opinion.

Reporter noticed, relative previous rail transit planning scheme, the revision case were increased to 4 lines, including: 17, 18, 19, 20 line, which means, shenzhen there will be 20 railway traffic line, the total mileage of 720 kilometers.

In addition, before the sea as the center, shenzhen will be the future construction of article 5 inter-city railway, connecting guangzhou, dongguan, huizhou, zhuhai and Hong Kong.

Rail transit is divided into fast and PuSu two

According to the shenzhen city planning (2010-2020) ", zhuhai will form "three axial zone more center" shaft group structure.For implementation of the pearl river delta region reform development plan outline (2008-2020) ", to adapt to regional integration, urban integration development tendency, leading the city space structure adjustment, implement the "bus priority" strategy, the city planning department of land to the our city rail transit network planning scheme in the revision.

The reporter understands, according to the orbit transportation service is different, the planning department of urban rail transit will be divided into quick service and PuSu service two levels, and according to the construction of subject and track system is different, quick service and can be divided into inter-city line and urban express.

The rapid rail service contact metropolitan circle primary and secondary center, covering the main development shaft;Train the highest speed for 100-200 km/hour, and the average station spacing for 2-5 km;Quick service line to promote regional fusion and integration of urban development, and guide the city more center space structure formation.

PuSu rail service will cover commuter loop main passenger corridor;Train the highest speed for 80-100 km/hour, and the average station spacing for 1-2 km;PuSu service line relieve urban traffic pressure, supporting "bus city" construction.