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More and more hotels, workforce is what also cut?

Date: 2019-11-28

The domestic hotel industry has been in the past five years technology upgrade process, reduce the dependence on artificial.

November 20, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, promulgated by the State Council bulletin at the end of 2018 in the fourth national economic census data, the domestic hotel industry experts, huamei hotel consultant Zhao Huanyan found that compared with five years ago, the third national economic census data, domestic all accommodation industry rose 72.60%, the legal person units and workers, fell by 6.80%.

Behind Zhao Huanyan analysis, the reason is that domestic full service hotel (mainly four five-star hotel), as well as the hotel intelligent level.

National economic census data show that by the end of 2018, the national all accommodations industry provides temporary stay place, not including the main (monthly or yearly long-term rental housing residence) of the legal person units in 126000, up 72.60% than the end of 2013, and staff of 2.74 million people, was 6.80% lower than at the end of 2013.By the end of 2018, all accommodation industry assets totaled 1.9109 trillion yuan, more than five years ago, grew by 39.01%, business income is 542.83 billion yuan, rose by 24.43% in five years.

All the different forms of accommodation of the lodging industry, staff number less than five years ago.Which hotel (star hotel or similar quality/level) as a legal person units rose 41.67% in five years, workers, fell by 18.26% in the five years;General hotel (do not have star hotel or similar quality/level) as a legal person units have risen by 83.33% in the five years, assets and revenues have risen sharply, mean five years has opened a new general hotel number increased significantly, while at the same time the employees 956000 people, has decreased by 19.35%.The rest have the business license of the home stay facility service and camping ground service, other accommodations industry is small.

Increase in number in the hotel, from personnel of course of study is less than five years ago.Analysis of the industry that the two trends of the past five years, the domestic hotel industry makes artificial ratio significantly decreased in the hospitality industry.

On the one hand, full service hotel is given priority to with four five-star hotels (catering, entertainment, sports and other full-service hotel).

"National policy states that contain public consumption at the beginning of 2012, full service hotel, this is the most direct factor."Han month Xia Zifan hotel group vice President of interface, according to the news analysis "as the hotel investors pursuing rational and reasonable investment, and gradually reduce the full service hotel input, turn to the broader business people market."