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Company CEO about China market strategy and Asian rivals: global power vs local challenge

Date: 2019-11-19

Global online travel giants in recent quarters universal revealed a slowdown trend, in response to market pressure, OTA giants are taking the measure of strategic adjustment.

Internal high-level personnel restructuring, external strategic partners, is to activate the new business growth, diversification opportunities groundwork for further:

Booking Holdings has appointed group CEO Glenn Fogel concurrently group's main brand as chief executive of;Ctrip group announced a joint venture was established with TripAdvisor, global content agreement and to take a stake in TripAdvisor business around the world.

While the company adopted a strategy of combination, in the hope that through the combination of internal and external strategic adjustment, strengthen themselves in the strength of the global online travel market.

In terms of internal restructuring, the company is going through a series of executive personnel changes recently, including the original short Vrbo rental Platform President John Kim was appointed President of Platform & Marketplaces business, the original Lodging Partner Services, Cyril Ranque was appointed Travel Partners Group President, etc.;In external cooperation, in September this year, its exclusive wholesale distribution agreement with marriott or the hotel wholesale market face a big reshuffle, the company also want to make the success of the co-operation, to attract other hotel giants with a similar cooperation.

Strategic adjustment, OTA giants may be the influence of many uncertain factors in the global market, and these strategic adjustment, and will further aggravate the online travel market competition and evolution.

Company CEO how TripAdvisor Ctrip hand in hand?

Recently held in Las Vegas "explore global partnership summit" on the 19th, the "group President and CEO Mark Okerstrom asked global tour - how to look at ctrip cooperates with TripAdvisor.Mark responded that this kind of strategic cooperation is very "interesting" (interesting).

Mark stressed that the "around the world and many partners also have the business level and investment level of cooperation, including in southeast Asia a unicorn Traveloka OTA Despegar investment and Latin America.

"Ctrip TripAdvisor's hand in hand cooperation is very good.This kind of strategic cooperation is the broad trend of online travel market for visible."Mark said.

"For a long time, the online travel market has this kind of strategic cooperation and partnership.We still take pride in the "market influence, especially in the western market.We have excellent product line covers all business, which also have good comments on products."

Public information: founded in 2000, TripAdvisor in 2004 by the "parent IAC acquisition, and the next year from IAC spin-off, become a subsidiary of the company's independent operation;In 2011, its trade through the split again, make TripAdvisor independence of listed companies.